Image result for guy and girl chatting onlineTwo friends chatting:

Biodun: Omo, Christmas done reach ooo

Ngozi: Hmm. Yes ooo!

Biodun: Chai, I wish this was last year. Babe, before Nov. end last year, I don dey village.

Ngozi: You dey talk village? I don buy many cloths.

Biodun: Lool 😅

Ngozi: Mehn, I don’t want to imagine how next year will be.

Biodun: Hmm. Same here…

Minutes later…

Biodun: Babe! Come see ooo! I got this BC not too long after our chat:

Earn over N500k monthly on Fortunes Fundamentals. Yes! Over N500k! Wondering how that’s possible in this recession period? See for yourself @ http://www.fortunesfundamentals.com/we-make-money-together/

Biodun: I’ve checked them out. Omo, no be MMM ooo. Na clear, clean way of making money.

Ngozi: What! For real? No play me ooo. You sure?

Biodun: Ahan? You suppose trust me na. Na today?

Ngozi: No wahala! I dey check dem now now!

Biodun: Loool. Sure babe.

Ngozi: Thanks dear. Later…

Minutes later…

Ngozi: Na true ooo. It’s a clear, clean way of making money – nothing hidden. They have different services for their members, that their members even earn on.

Biodun: Yes ooo! Have you registered?

Ngozi: You dey tell me? I don go http://www.fortunesfundamentals.com/partners-registration-form/ sinnncceee.

Biodun: 😅😆😂😆 see your head. You no won carry last…

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