Life isn’t exactly about doing things. We therefore don’t subscribe to the ambiguous “Do Something” mantra. We’d rather counsel “DO THE PURPOSEFUL. DO IT!” Well, just how well do governments fare in empowering the citizenry for productivity, fruitfulness and fulfillment? Hmmmm.  Does your State Government care? And the society at large? Let’s just talk about our own commitment.

It is germain to mention here that we belong in a family that is passionate about powering people to fulfil their dreams. Consequently, under the aegis of GEESNetwork (Graduate Entrepreneurs Empowerment Network) and FATE (Farmers-Artisans Traders-Empowerment), a good percentage of our profit will be invested in people to give fillip to extracting and developing the entrepreneurial spirit in them for self–actualization and fulfillment.

You’ve probably heard about crowd funding. The phenomenon that has gained legitimacy in the US is all about many people dropping a little bit each to raise staggering sums as start-up capital for businesses they believe in. As we build a network of people spending and making money together, won’t it be even more fulfilling to mutually invest in one another’s dreams?

Helping is our middle name!

how can we help you?

Coming from the same family that pioneered Network Marketing in Nigeria (1993), we are here with a fiscal shield to protect the discerning and willing against economic inclemency while providing a springboard for all to navigate to sustainable prosperity

Our greatest joy is to help you up just as if it all depends on us alone. For us, positive thinking is good but positive action is really it! We’ll get you walking the talk until you make the desired impact. In the spirit of reciprocity, success isn’t about us but about you! Our greatness begins with us involved in yours.

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