Fortunes V-Wallet

What Is Fortunes V-Wallet?

This is the world’s first-of-its-kind, securely robust, leveraged cashback wallet system on our website you as an FM Shopper can see your Shopping Budget/Plan and your cashback earnings. You can also transfer your earning from your V-Wallet to your bank account. Very soon, the cashback income in your V-Wallet will suffice for your monthly shopping and would even give you more to make transactions in countless outlets and make more money as you do so with your Fortunes’ Shopper-Team.

Every Fortunes’ Millionaire (FM) Shopper has a personal V-Wallet.

How To Create Your Fortunes V-Wallet

Only registered FM Shoppers can login to and/or signup for their V-Wallet account. After registering as an FM Shopper, one of the things you receive in our email to you is a link to create your V-Wallet.

How To Fund Your V-Wallet

Only registered FM Shoppers can fund their V-Wallet. Shopper pays into Fortunes Fundamentals GTBank Account Number 0235579574 by bank transfer (online or mobile) or deposit. Once received, fund is automatically transferred to Shopper’s V-Wallet.

Please note that you can make your order before funding your V-Wallet.

Fund for 1st half month orders (N10,000 minimum) or full month orders (N20,000 minimum) are to be made in the last full week (Monday – Saturday) of every month e.g. 1st half May orders should be funded not later than Saturday, April 29.

Fund for 2nd half month orders is in the 2nd/3rd weeks (on dates to be specified for each month) e.g. 2nd half April orders should be funded not later than Saturday, April 15.

Please note that N1,000 flat service charge (shopping, packing, shipping, Goods In Transit – GIT – Insurance) is added to your Monthly Shopping Plan when funding your V-Wallet e.g. N10,000 funding will read N11,000.

You can keep your your cashback earnings and also transfer your earnings from your V-Wallet to your bank account.

Why You Fund Your V-Wallet Through Us

First, it makes certain to us that you fulfill the required minimum monthly shopping. Second, that’s the only way our Shoppers are guaranteed their monthly earnings on our platform.

Minimum Fund In Your V-Wallet

The minimum fund that should be in your V-Wallet at anytime is N10,000, whether your monthly budget/plan is bi-monthly (N10,000) or monthly (N20,000). N10,000 is also the minimum top-up/funding of your V-Wallet. So, even when you want to transfer money from your V-Wallet to your bank account, be sure to have in your wallet the minimum fund.

Benefits of Using Fortunes V-Wallet

The benefits are summed up in our 3 Cs:


  1. Your groceries ordered delivered to you
  2. Avoid paying for groceries at the point of delivery
  3. Avoid carrying cash
  4. No hassle if you forgot your regular wallet or Credit/Debit Card or both. Just pay with your V-Wallet.

Confidence: Our platform and V-Wallet are robustly secure with SSL Security for payment among other security devices and measures. The integrity, pedigree and achievements of the drivers behind the wheel of Fortunes Fundamentals Ltd. is untainted and commands respect.

Cash Back like none. Whereas others stupefy customers with supposedly big discount on personal purchase, we reward our Shoppers, not just for their purchases, but more importantly for generating ballooning turnover through referrals.