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Graduates? What Are You Waiting For?

The problem of unemployment is exacerbatedimg_2489 by the fact of the unemployability of most of today’s job seekers. Quite frankly, you can blame it on an education system that is zero in building skills in learners. Be that as it may, how about self-reliance spirit? When systems break down and the government’s effort to rescue is dismal, must we resign to fate and do nothing?

In 1988, when for some awkward development I couldn’t embark on the study program I had intended to and no white collar job was readily toyota_prius_front_20071025available, I took to mini-cabbing in the city of London. On a good day, especially back in my native land at that time, that was an anathema! However, I had a goal. I knew my capabilities but without money nothing can be done. So, for me, the road to success required some short-termism. After all, it is unarguably true that “the end justifies the means”. My stint in mini-cabbing paid dividends. I converted it into seed-capital for my first “white collar” business in the United Kingdom. So, I transited from cabby to an entrepreneur beginning with Fonecast Ltd, a broadcast service that utilized rented British Telecom lines.

Recently, I came across the story of a young lady, Susan Aghogho Asakpa, who has a degree in Accounting from University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. She dared the odds to drop a “peanuts” paying job in order to pursue self-employment as a cab driver in Abuja. Find details of her enchanting story below.

As A Cab Driver, I Get More Male Admirers Wanting A Relationship – Asakpa

gud2go-taxi-2In 2008, StreetWaiz TXM Ltd came up with a Get-Paid-Driving initiative. Susan’s story  has rekindled interest in the project. The initiative has been rebranded and styled Gud2GO Taxi Service. Having obtained the exclusive marketing right, we have added our unique signature of “make more money as you spend” to the package. This means, not only will our drivers make a guaranteed staggering monthly income of N800, 000, yes N800,000, our esteemed commuters who we prefer to refer to as riders, will make triple the amount they spend commuting in Gud2GO Taxi monthly! Yes! That’s another global record to our credit! And that’s why we are so confident that our drivers, who we call HybridCOD Partners, are each guaranteed N800,000 monthly income!

Dear graduate, our message is clear: You needn’t go job-searching. Come take a car on loan and join our Elite Graduate Car Owner Drivers. You’ll get guaranteed 6 streams of income on our platform. That way, your car loan will be paid in 12 months, without stress.

Very importantly, as a financial inclusion and elevation company, our intervention for graduates isn’t just about providing a means of income. All our Graduate Drivers shall be enrolled in a Graduates’ Smart Transitioning & Empowerment Program (G-STEP). This is to prepare them to move up to their dream-businesses so that ultimately, they become whom they’ve always desired to be. We are passionate about helping people up to the lofty self-actualization height. Confidently, we declare that a graduate who joins our platform is possible beyond bank’s barricades and other limitations. Click here and you are Gud2GO today!

imagePstFemi Akomolede is Nigeria’s MLM father & President/CFIE at Fortunes Fundamentals Ltd.